saiyanshredder asked:

Will we ever see a Two Saiyans Play of a Dragon Ball game? Will Goku ever join in on one of the most uncomfortable Lets Plays Vegeta has ever experienced?

We’re planning on doing some TFS Plays, but not character LPs.

Also, I wouldn’t ever expect any characters besides the ones Lani and Taka play to play any games. It’s a schedule thing, partially.

Anonymous asked:

fuck, marry kill. Scott Mcneil, Dee Bradley Baker, Richard Horvitz.

Fuck Scott McNeil, Marry Dee Bradley Baker, Kill Richard Horvitz. I love all three, but Scott McNeil must be a CRAZY LOVE, Dee Bradley Baker can wake me up with funny animal noises, and Richard Horvitz’s voice, while hilarious and amazing, would probably grate after a while. That, and I’m not sure I want to chance his orgasms sounding like Billy from Grim Adventures.

masteroflag-meh asked:

Is there anything in your KorrinXYajirobi scenes that came from your own relationships? Also which are you in a relationship?

Eh, I think it comes from relationships in general. The concern, the doting, the devotion to eachother’s lifestyles. I love writing for them though.

And I’m most likely Yajirobe. XD

nodamnitnotagain asked:

Kaiser I know you are probably frustrated and don't want to hear anything else, but I suggest you change idiot to something like fool or hypocrite or some word of culpability that won't be construed as ableist. Your apology on using comedy as a shield and willingness to change a behaviour is commendable and I'm sure sets a great example for other writers. I wouldn't want that to be derailed by a poor choice of synonym.

… No.

Anonymous asked:

I'm sure you've been asked before but I haven't seen an answer. Do you and the rest of the team have any plans currently to do any of the Broly movies? I realize you're all very busy, but I can't help but hope. You always do a wonderful job.

We’ve been doing all the OTHER movies, so… what do you think?

Anonymous asked:

I really want to talk to you but too shy to..;-; you're all doing a magnificent job & keep up the good work. Don't stress yourselfs now. :3

Well, you’re talking to me now, so you’re already doing an adequate job! =3 Thank you very much. <3

overlord-raven asked:

Have there been difficulties with you guys recording TFS plays and Out Of Character stuff? I don't mind the Krillin, Vegeta and Nappa content, but it would be nice to see you guys just playing games as yourselves. And forgive me for saying this but...I personally woulda found it hilarious to watch a video of you and Taka scared out of your wits playing PT while Lani just hangs in back eating chips or something like it ain't no thang.

We’re actually getting ready to do a TON of TFS Plays. So stay tuned! =D

the-snowflake-owl asked:

Since Frieza claims he hasn't played pretty pink princess since he was eight-my quinceañera. I drew this: the-snowflake-owl,tumblr,com/post/95176952999/as-a-mexican-i-felt-it-was-my-responsibility-to

Oh that’s just amazing. Reblogged forever.